Room 26

The Film is Dedicated to the 15 million Children and Youth of America Who Live in Poverty.

Room 26 represents the research of Dr.Martin Haberman, Distuinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. The film is one piece of his life’s work as well as a representation of his on-going quest to encourage educators to select the best teachers for children and youth.

The Haberman Foundation is pleased to grant you, when you purchase, the right to show the film to your classes of potential educators, principals in training and to anyone who shares an interest in the Haberman research.

Click Here for Room 26 Trailer

Room 26 Reviews

Thanks again! So very valuable!

Not a Dry Eye in the House...well almost...

Here are some comments from teacher reflections:

  • Video was encouraging
  • Love is so Important
  • Believe in all students
  • Show we care the human side
  • Build community-open communication
  • Respect will follow
  • Build relationships
  • Thanks for showing it
  • Rigor- Relevance comes with relationships
  • Must have relationships to build a strong community

Purchasing Room 26

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