The Haberman Principals' Academy
An SBEC-CPE Approved Course

Targeted Professional Development: Comprehensive Teacher Retention Strategies

How can principals ensure the best teacher retention and the best candidate pool? The Haberman Principals' Academy is designed to know and use every research-based strategy to combat the teacher shortage.

These include:

  • Selecting star teachers**;
  • Selecting star administrators who will succeed and stay**;
  • Understanding state and national strategies of new teacher support induction*;
  • Helping new as well as experienced teachers deal with difficult people & the bureaucracy*;
  • "Becoming a Star Teacher" supporting the emotional intelligence new teachers need*;
  • recruiting and certifying staff*;
  • completing an independent study utilizing Academy principles at your school**;
  • *One star=8 hours; **Two stars=16 hours.

The Haberman Principals' Academy will operate in key locations across the state of Texas and the Nation to provide continuing professional education to administrators. Of the 200 hours required by the SBEC every five years to maintain a principal certification, approximately 100 hours can be accrued through The Haberman Principals' Academy at the Haberman Education Foundation.

With every 8 or 16 hour course completion, principals receive a signed certificate to satisfy SBEC requirements.

With a focus on human resources, the HEF has historically provided training to school districts nationwide. Now, nationally acclaimed training is available with CPE credits awarded by the State Board of Educator Certification.

All courses are based on the following research and publications:

  • Star Teachers of Children in Poverty (KDP)
  • Star Principals of Children in Poverty (KDP) by Martin Haberman
  • A Peaceable School (PDK) by Vicky Dill
  • Alternative Teacher Certification: History, Handbook & How to (HEF) by Vicky Dill & Delia Stafford
  • Becoming a Star Teacher (ASCD)

For more information about how your school district or a consortia of school districts might participate, call -1800-667- 6185. Ask how The Haberman Principals' Academy can help meet your shortage needs.

President George Bush brought alternative teacher certification to the attention of policy-makers and the public by repeatedly advocating the alternative routes. "We should break down the barriers to talented people who want to teach and have demonstrated their competence in other fields"-- President George Bush - (1992)

The Haberman Educational Foundation is dedicated to helping principals and administrators staff the nations' schools with teachers gifted in working with at-risk students -- increasing student achievement, reducing teacher turnover, and identifying new populations of teacher candidates.

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The Haberman Principals' Academy
sponsored by
The Haberman Educational
Foundation, Inc
Our Simple Vision:
"Providing children in
poverty with principals and teachers of excellence."
Martin Haberman, Distinguished Professor University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Approved by the State Board of Educator Certification Continuing Professional Educator Credits