Frequently Asked Questions
About Onsite Training

Q: What Kind of Training do you Provide?
A: The Haberman Foundation training events are conducted nationally by invitation only. School districts, universities, foundations, etc. invite the Haberman Foundation staff of exemplary trainers to conduct Haberman Star Teacher or the Haberman Star Administrator training event. All Haberman trainers are currently using the interviews at their particular schools or universities and provide testimony to the validity of Dr. Haberman’s 5 decades of research.
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Q: How Much Does everything Cost?
A: Teacher Selection Training
$400.00 per person/requires minimum 30 participants. No other charges are required.

Principal Selection Training
$1000.00 per person/requires minimum15 participants. No other charges are required.

On-Line Administrator Pre-Screener
$30.00 per test

On-line Teacher Pre-Screener
$20.00 per test

The pre-screeners and the live Haberman interviews go hand in hand and the Foundation leaders believe that using both, provide an accurate picture of an applicants core beliefs about leading a school and/or teaching.

Pre-screener tests can be accessed internationally, scoring is immediate, and school districts have access to all applicant information with purchase of the test. Discounts are available, depending on the number of test purchased.

Pre-screener test may be charged to the applicant, with no charge to the district.
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Q: What is the Cost for Training?

The training is one day to learn the interview; trainers teach the questions and the "listen-fors" during the training day. The participants in the session view tapes of interviews, discuss information with the trainers, score a candidate throughout the day, and in closing , they are required to score 2 interviews; trainers check for proficiency and inter-rater reliability.

Trainees receive Dr.Haberman's book Star Teachers the Ideology and Best Practice of Effective Teachers of Diverse Children and Youth In Poverty (2005)(,2009,2010, 2012 reprints) the training manual with questions and the rating forms which can be duplicated at no cost from HEF.There are no other charges for the use of the content learned. However, this training is not considered a "train the trainer" model/protocol. I hope this information will be helpful in making your decision whether to train your school leaders.

The cost for each participant is $400.00 to learn the interview, and generally we require 30 -40 trainees for each session.

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